Lactation and Childbirth Classes in the Triangle

Menu of Offerings

  • Childbirth 101, Private Classes
  • Refresher Class for Seasoned Parents, Private Classes
  • Comfort Measures in Labor, Private Classes
  • FREE Breastfeeding Basics, Click Here for Dates
  • FREE Returning to Work as the Lactating Parent, Click Here for Dates
  • Workshops for Perinatal Professionals, Click Here for Dates

Who is Your Instructor?

Karissa has over a decade of teaching experience. She has attended births in all of the Triangle hospitals, birth centers and has supported homebirths as well. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has taught at UNC, Cary Pediatrics, Apex Pediatric Center, Fuquay Pediatrics, and Triangle Physicians for Women, as well as for hundreds of parents privately.  

What is Karissa's Teaching Style?

Karissa's goal is to empower Parents through education, with a little levity along the way! 

Private classes will be designed based on your birth location and a comprehensive conversation to identify birth and feeding goals, concerns, learning styles and relaxation techniques. 

Group classes are designed to be interactive, because lectures are boring! You can expect movement and hands on exercises to build confidence and keep you energized. 

Curious about what people are saying?

Simply visit our testimonial page to read kind words from former students! 

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